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2010-12-13 02:25 am
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defriended some dead journals. If you start updating again, or you're just a quiet lurker and want back on, lmk. comments are screened.
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2009-06-03 12:01 pm

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just squatting my username for now, because it will take the Zombie Apocalypse* to move me from LJ.

*tm [personal profile] erries
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2009-04-26 07:55 pm

small cut

I did a small f-list cut and took off people who rarely leave comments or don't update. Let me know if you want back on.
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2005-04-02 07:25 pm
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This journal friends-only.

Comment to be added, but I don't really add friends randomly because this is not a fandom journal. 90% of it is the banality of my RL, so it is extraordinarily boring unless you know me, or intend to get to know me. I think full disclosure on both sides is only fair. Because of this, I do not friend fandom-only, blank, or not-updated journals. Any fandom-related things I want to share are posted publicly in communities or on other sites or boards.

Occasionally, I clean house and unfriend inactive journals. If you are, in fact, my friend, and start updating again, (Lynn and Allyn, especially,) just drop me a line and you're back on.

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